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March 9, 2012 · 10:07 am


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Save Dough By Reducing Water Flow

When there were water supply concerns, people did a great job of finding ways to use less, but more can be done inside the home, such as fixing leaky toilets. Because the leaks are generally silent, people don’t factor that into how much water they’re using. Most toilet repairs cost $200 or less. If it’s leaking, the commode is the biggest water waster in the home by far, gurgling or running when it hasn’t been flushed are good indicators.

The average American flushes five times a day at home, older toilets use 3 to 3.5 gallons every flush, which translates to 19,000 gallons a year for a three-person household. By installing a new high-efficiency model that uses only 1.28 to 1.6 gallons per flush, that household could reduce its annual water consumption to 7,000 to 9,000 gallons. Although many homeowners complained about loss of flushing power when low-flow toilets debuted in the 1990s, the newest generation of water-sipping water closets have made great advancements.

Some consumers utilize as many efficiency measures as possible, such as switching their appliances to water-saving settings and installing a low-flow shower head. Using less than 2 gallons per minute, instead of more than 2.5 gallons that a conventional head consumes, a new WaterSense fixture can save the average household up to 2,300 gallons per year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Grind Almost Anything


InSinkErator food waste disposers are the best-selling brand in the world, and with good reason: they’re the easiest disposers to install and they provide the greatest peace of mind.

Household Disposers
Evolution Series-Evolution Compact®

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Luxury Baths & Showers

Kohler WaterTile Rain Overhead Showering Panels

The WaterTile Rain panels combine
4 tile-shaped adjustable spray-heads.


With 216 nozzles overall, this overhead panel
will create real rain in your bathroom.


Modern Baths & Showers by KOS
geo 180
grande quadra


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The Spotted Olive™

Looking for customizable ultra hip business card templates?
Check out these funky, cute and cool professionally designed
business cards by The Spotted Olive™.


Recently PlumbCo ordered new business cards via Twitter from
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